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Product Information

What is Chem2XL?
Chem2XL is an add-on software package developed for Agilent Technologies’ ChemStation (LC/GC/LCMS/AD). Chem2XL provides custom reporting solutions utilizing the power of Microsoft Excel® (2007/2010/2013).

Why does my lab need Chem2XL?
Many labs use Excel or a calculator for calculations after GC/LC runs to meet data reporting needs. Chem2XL eliminates manual transcription time and errors, ultimately increasing accuracy and productivity.

How does Chem2XL work?
Chem2XL automates the reporting process of the Agilent ChemStation by sending data results directly from the ChemStation into Excel spreadsheets. Chem2XL is integrated into the ChemStation menu allowing the user to set up and use report templates with a click of a mouse. Templates automate the reporting process and can be set-up to handle sophisticated reporting calculations. The generated reports are then saved for future use, or can be printed, or saved as PDF (with pdf generation software).

Is Chem2XL easy to use?
Utilize your experience with Excel to create simple to sophisticated reports for the ChemStation. Chem2XL can automate your workflow and is seamlessly integrated into the ChemStation making it quick and easy for users to learn and operate. Reports can be automatically created after sample injections or manually from data analysis.

Single Sample & Multi-Sample Reporting
Two types of templates can be created with Chem2XL: a single sample template (one sample per report), or a summary sample template (multiple samples per report). Chem2XL was created to allow for the flexibility to create reports automatically after each sample injection, or summary reports after an entire sequence.

If compliance is an issue for your lab, Chem2XL offers an add-on Installation Qualification and Operational Qualification feature (IQ/OQ) for an additional fee. The Chem2XL IQ/OQ module is an automated set of programs that qualifies the installation and operation of Chem2XL. Chem2XL reports can also be saved (along with ChemStation data) inside Agilent’s Enterprise Content Manager (ECM).

Software Requirements
Microsoft Windows: Chem2XL is supported in Windows XP, 7 & 8.1
Microsoft Excel: 2007/2010 & 2013
ChemStation: B.02.01 or higher (LC/GC/AD/LCMS-Single Quad)
Note: See ChemStation hardware and software requirements for compatibility. GCMS is currently not supported by Chem2XL.